Thursday, 20 July 2017

She's Growing Up Fast!

Well, it's been a while since I have given you all a Belle update, hasn't it? I realised I haven't posted a single thing about her since she was a little puppy and boy has she gown up! I mean, technically she is still a puppy but it won't be long until her 1st birthday which means she will be a fully grown lady :)

There is the obvious size difference and of course, ALL THAT FLUFF! I do feel sorry for her at the moment as she has to deal with the Summer heat but she does have a cooling mat to lie on which she seems to absolutely love, good one, mum!
Her favourite activities are tissue hunting, stealing my mum and partners armchairs and chasing the birds around the garden. She also likes to come and have a nosey around in the morning when I feed the guinea pigs and even tries to steal a few piggy biscuits along the way (luckily she isn't quite quick enough for me!). I think what has been great with her growing journey is Instagram, that being my mum's account who posts very regularly, well, pretty much on a daily basis. I love looking back and seeing how much she has developed and remembering all the funny things she used to do (and still does!). With Belle's photo journey, I feel AURA is the perfect digital picture frame to capture all those lovely memories of Belle and automatically displaying our favourite images straight from our phones, just perfect! Not only that but they have recently designed a digital frame specifically for our lovely pets so all you animal lovers out there can now have as many photos as you like and not have to spend forever choosing a handful of your favourite photos.

I hope you've enjoyed this little update on Belle and be sure to comment below if you would like to see more posts like this, I could post about our little cutie each and every day!


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